Letter to Congress – Iran/Iraq wars

I wrote and sent the following letter to Georgia Senators Saxby Chambliss, and Johnny Isakson via their respective website email forms.

The drumbeat for a full-scale war on Iran is expected to reach a crescendo this week with more aggressive posturing from Gen. Petraeus, the White House lackey. I strongly encourage others to write their representatives, and let them know that more war is NOT acceptable to Americans; find Congressional contact information here.

Senator Chambliss,

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter; I write to you as a deeply concerned citizen. My concern is the grave nature of the Bush administration’s push for war against Iran. A war against Iran would bring horrible suffering to families in Iran and in America.

Just as Iraq was not a threat to the United States 5 years ago, or ever; Iran is now not a threat to the United States. They have never attacked the United States, or threatened to do so. In fact, the recent Shia ceasefire in Basra was overseen by an Iranian representative. It is possible that they are indirectly assisting Shia in Iraq right now; but they are merely resisting our illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq. They are not wrong in that matter; it is the Unites States foreign policy which is most definitely wrong in the Middle East.

Since our illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, 1.2 million human beings have been killed there, and millions more families displaced; In Iraq is a war whose justification has been a lie from the beginning, and continues to be fought based on lies.

These wars are not right, and they are not just. As a student of history and political science, I understand these wars are being waged for conquest, for profit, and for control of natural resources. These are facts of the matter, and any American who believes otherwise is misguided and misled.

We cannot let fear guide our decision making; I strongly suggest that you treat any advice that we act out of fear as the war propaganda that it is. I further ask that you do everything in your power as a Unites States Congressperson to stop these murderous wars. Stop the human suffering in Iraq immediately, and stop the move toward even more human suffering with Iran. To do otherwise is to ignore reason, and to abandon humanity.

Most sincerely,

[name removed]


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