The Permanent Establishment

There are institutions and organizations which operate above the mainstream political/idealogical fray. These institutions wield extraordinary influence on society, and go without mention in the mainstream media. They typically have access to enormous amounts of operating capitol, and their allegiences are to the bottom line and to the ‘ultra-elite’ of human society.

When we explore this concept, we begin to understand the false choice paradigm that exists in American political discourse; and that political figureheads like Hillary Clinton and John McCain are playing the relatively small role of pawn in a much larger societal game.

From F. William Engdahl’s Is the Hillary Clinton Campaign being deliberately sunk? at Global Research:

“Mark Penn is exemplary of what US political insiders refer to as a person of the “permanent establishment,” the shadowy institutions and insiders behind the curtains who really determine critical policy issues and shape the choices gullible voters then are given to “democratically choose among.”

It has been referred to by strategists since the time of Edward Bernays as the “illusion of choice.” Penn is above political party, serving the interests of what some call the permanent establishment. As a case in point, he also is CEO of the influential global public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller, which includes among clients the largest US mortgage lender, Countrywide Financial and Blackwater Inc. the Republican led mercenary security firm that has been accused of repeated killings of innocent Iraqi civilians. Penn’s firm was to make sure the “image” of such clients remained positive to the US public.”


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