The Value of a Free Press

“Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.” -Thomas Jefferson

Media ownership and control is perhaps the most important issue of our time. The Information Age is quickly becoming the ‘Disinformation Age’. The bias in corporate media is well documented, and its effect on our democracy is nothing less than devastating. Because of media consolidation (radio, TV, internet, and print), diversity of opinion and thought in public media is rapidly vanishing.

Our political system demands that citizens understand vital issues and government policies. Therefore we must insist on honest, accurate, and diverse reporting in the media. offers exceptional resources for citizens who want to get involved in the development of effective media policies. The most compelling resource is their online petition system which allows users to quickly sign petitions, write letters, and otherwise contact representatives who determine media policy, most notably the U.S. Congress and the FCC.

We strongly encourage all of our readers to visit and take advantage of their outstanding ‘digital democracy’ resources.


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