A Balanced Look at Venezuela and Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez is a democratically elected leader whose policies have overwhelming popular support in Venezuela. U.S. corporate media has vilified Chavez because of his resistance to Western Imperialism; especially his rejection of corporate oil monopolies which seek to control Venezuelan resources. The corporate media propaganda campaign has shaped U.S. public opinion to be decidely negative with respect to Venezuela.

A more balanced viewpoint is provided in Professor James Petras’ Venezuela: Democracy, Socialism and Imperialism at Global Research.  From the article:

“Venezuela plays the major role in sharply reducing the price of oil for the poorest countries in the Caribbean region and Central America, thus substantially aiding them in their balance of payments, without attaching any ‘strings’ to this vital assistance. Venezuela has been in the forefront in supporting free elections and opposing human right abuses in the Middle East, Latin America and South Asia by pro-US client regimes in Iraq , Afghanistan and Colombia . No other country in the Americas has done more to break down the racial barriers to social mobility and the acquisition of land for Afro-Latin and Indio Americans…

…Even more significant, President Chavez is the only elected president to reverse a US backed military coup (in 48 hours) and defeat a (US-backed) bosses’ lockout, and return the economy to double-digit growth over the subsequent 4 years. President Chavez is the only elected leader in the history of Latin America to successfully win eleven straight electoral contests against US-financed political parties and almost the entire private mass media over a nine-year period.”


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