Stop the North American Union

The North American Union (NAU) is a framework for an enormous government bureaucracy that essentially the combines the governments of The United States, Mexico, and Canada. This expansion of government power will inevitably result in a reduction of your freedoms and liberties, therefore we oppose the NAU and we aggressively resist its administration.

Learn more about the NAU threat to your freedom at the Conservative Causus, and resist Big Government by signing their petition!


“Within a few short years, unless Americans object now, the United States of America and our beloved Constitution may not exist. Behind closed doors, a new scheme is being drawn up to eliminate the borders with Mexico and Canada, replace the Dollar with the “Amero” (a combination of the weak and unstable Mexican and Canadian currencies with the Dollar)–thus destroying American’s savings and economic stability; and create a “North American Union” (NAU) like the European Union. Gone or ignored will be our Constitution.”

Make a difference, SIGN THE PETITION!


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    I have just inserted a “breaking news” post at FireSociety, it isn’t published by them yet, maybe you can see it anyway.

    at Montreal City Hall, Canada
    25-30 May 2008
    FOLKS! Why not rent a bus! Bring a picnic, come see your new Parliament in action! This is what your government will be like after the new North American Parliament of Robert Pastor replaces your Congress.

    LINK to MODEL PARLIAMENT announcement:

    Need cheap place to stay in Montreal? Try this page:

    SCROLL down that page, past the “chambres” (rooms) to rent, and there’s a section with the following :

    Auberge Alternative (Eng)
    Auberge Chez Jean (Eng)
    Auberge de jeunesse Maeva Montréal (F)
    Hébergements Montréal (F)
    HI Auberge de Jeunesse (Eng)
    Hostel Montréal (Gîtes) (F)
    La Maison du Patriote – dortoir (Eng)
    PSE Accommodation (Eng) (F)
    Vacances Canada M.D. Youth Hostel (Eng)

    I’ve made note of the pages that are available in English. Look for an English link on French pages, to take you to their English site.

    The least formal of the lot appears to be CHEZ JEAN (in English, that would mean “John’s Place”) at $20 cash a night, with picture ID required. The $20 is for a mattress on the floor of a converted old row house; and includes coffee and a breakfast (serve yourself) of cereal and toast. I’ve used it myself, it’s cheap, it’s fine.

    My fave is the Auberge Alternative — quite nice, an old industrial loft in Old Montreal converted to dormitories with gigantic wooden bunks, high ceilings, and lots of atmosphere. Bring EARPLUGS to sleep at night. The big dormitory starts at $18 per person for a bunk, plus a one-time sheet-rental fee of a couple of bucks. Other accommodations are available at higher prices. Coffee is free all day. Breakfast is $4.00 Canadian funds (self-serve) and includes cereal, fruit, bread, buns, cheese, toast, it’s pretty nice. Also nice is the free wifi, just bring your laptop. Oh yeah, $5 deposit for the key.

    I also warmly invite you to read my updated GROUNDS page (linked below) from Habeas Corpus Canada, which explains how the 1980 Referendum for Quebec to secede, and the 1995 Referendum for Quebec to Secede were in fact attempts to impose on Canada (i.e., on North America) the Treaty of Rome which set up the European Economic Community, which then morphed into the European Union, and is now morphing into the European Soviet Union:



    Come, one and all, see beautiful Montreal! Great opportunity to sight-see. If you plan to picket, you may have to ask permission of the Police.

    But overall, you’ll really enjoy Montreal. Picket at the END of your stay, so you don’t spend all of it in jail. Get to sight-see first!

    Nice city, mostly nice people, that is, of course, except for those nasty One-Worlders at the Montreal City Hall (in French that’s “Hotel de Ville”) who are planning to take my country and yours away from us by 2010.

    Cheers ! Kathleen Moore, Canada

    And, in case you didn’t know:

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