Moqtada Al-Sadr’s Courageous Resistance

Moqtada Al-Sadr is leading a popular resistance movement in Iraq. His goal is a peaceful and united Iraq led by and for the Iraqi people. He denounces the illegal invasion and genocidal occupation of his country. His movement follows in the long and brave human tradition of the oppressed resisting their oppressors.

His desire for peace and Iraqi self-determination threaten the corporate looting and pillaging of Iraq, and is therefore met by a carefully crafted Western media propaganda campaign to demonize and discredit him and his followers.

Cutting sharply through this propaganda are Al Sadr’s wise words. From Siun’s All Out War For Anybody But Condi at Firedoglake:

“And look, what is the sin of the followers of Al Sadr that they should emerge from the oppression of the destroyer [Saddam] to fall, thereafter, under the oppression of the occupation, and of the government and the nawasib, and the great and the pulpits and the rumors and the assassinations and the policies that have come to us from beyond the borders, and the silence of the religious powers, and of the political powers, domestic and foreign and international? The beloved Gaza was blockaded and everyone was silent, and [likewise] now the city [Sadr City] is blockaded and everyone is silent, and where now are human rights, and [the rule of] laws, which they wish to impose for the sake of their spurious “freedom and democracy”?

And I criticize the silence of those of them who merely listen, and look–desiring from them and from the government of Iraq that they should demand from the occupier a schedule for its withdrawal at the earliest possible time.”

Is their sin resistance which is the honor and strength of this world and the next, because the people have not and will not compromise their right to resist the occupier of any nationality. And we will announce, if they do not come to their senses, war until liberation and by God the blood of martyrs for liberation is in our veins, and it will be received by God with the best acceptance.

Or is their sin that they are the popular base which has not accepted your politics and your ugly worldly fighting, because they do not accept the partition of Iraq, nor do they accept the theft of its wealth, or any long-term agreement that favors the occupier more than it favors Iraqis, or leaving camps or fixed bases for the occupier…


And therefore I direct this last warning and last word to the government of Iraq: Either it comes to its senses, takes the path of peace and renounces violence against its people, or else it will be like the government of the destroyer [Saddam], and even if everyone has allied with them [the present government], earlier they were allies of ours, and they could be [allies of ours] again…If [the government] does not come to its senses and sweep away its recalcitrance, and that of the militias that are part of it, then we will declare open war until liberation.



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