War Propaganda

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” -George Orwell

The true horror of war is kept hidden from North American and European citizens. We are fed daily propaganda via the corporate media to the tune of ‘ liberation’ and ‘spreading democracy’, which are disgusting lies to mask the truth that dominant institutions are spreading Imperialism and Fascism throughout the world.

From Dan Glazebrook’s Talking to Fisk: Truth as a Causality of War at The Palestine Chronicle:

“Robert Fisk has a well-earned reputation as one of the most honest and hard hitting foreign correspondents in the British media…

…[Glazebrook:] Firstly, I wanted to know, does journalism, by sanitising or justifying war, also have a role in perpetuating it?

“[Fisk:] There are several things. First of all, there’s the inability of many journalists from the United States to actually tell the truth about the Israel-Palestine situation – hence, occupied territories are called disputed territories, the wall is called the security barrier, a colony or settlement is called a neighbourhood or an outpost. Which means that if you see a Palestinian chucking a stone, if it’s about an occupation, you can understand it, but if it’s about a dispute, which you can presumably settle over a cup of tea, then obviously the Palestinians are generically violent. So you demean one side in this appalling conflict.

Then you have this business where television will not show what we see, for reasons of so-called “bad taste”. I remember once being on the phone to a TV editor in London when Aljazeera were asked to feed some tape of children killed and wounded by British shell fire in Basra, and the guy started saying, “there’s no point feeding us this, we can’t show this”…the first excuse was, “people will be having their tea, so we can’t put it on”, and then it was, “this is sort of pornography, we don’t show this”. And it ended up – it is mesmeric to listen to this stuff – the last thing was “We have to show respect for the dead”. So we don’t show any respect for them when they are alive, we blow them to bits, and then we show respect for them…So because of this – and these bloodless sandpits with ex-generals pontificating – it becomes a game; you start propagating this idea that war is primarily about victory or defeat – when in fact, it’s about death, and the infliction of massive pain.”


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  1. Mpetti

    Hi everyone – we are trying to give people a way to take action on this issue. An administration secretly forcing favorable views via the press is not a partisan issue. This is a violation of every conceivable standard of journalism — and possibly of federal law.

    It’s time the truth about the selling of this war came out. You can help make this happen. Take Action here: http://tinyurl.com/3ra7e3. Signing this letter does work. If we can get 50,000 people to join this call to Congress, they will likely take action to stop government propaganda. The public has help stop fake news in the past. (http://www.freepress.net/fakenews)

    You can watch this video for more information, and evidence of this issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQP7ASBdwdo.

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