Heroic Soldiers – Refusing Immoral and Illegal Orders

The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories is a murderous one. Because western corporate media serves the imperial interests of Israel and Washington, it characterizes the brutal occupation in false terms. Palestinians are labeled ‘terrorists’ if they resist the Israeli occupation and its systematic genocide. Aggressive Israeli military forces, which are overwhelmingly more devastating than their Palestinian counterparts, are described as ‘defenders’.

Honest and brave Israeli soldiers have spoken out about the atrocities they are ordered to commit. And they have heroically refused to follow immoral and inhumane orders. From Stephen Lendman’s Breaking the Silence – Israeli Soldiers Speak at Global Research:

“We reject perpetuating war. We prioritize and protect life.

We oppose the use of the army, police, (and) security forces in the ongoing oppression and discrimination of the Palestinian citizens of Israel (and in the Occupied Territories),” in demolishing their homes, “denying them building and development rights, (and) using violence” against them. Thousands of young Israelis are opting out and refuse to serve. They reject military service in Israel today.”

“Peace activists, people of conscience and most notably Israeli refuseniks [resisting military personnel] are in the front lines of a valiant struggle:

— to free Palestinians from 41 illegal occupation years,

— end decades of abuse,

— achieve a just and lasting peace, and

— protect everyone’s fundamental human rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for “all members of the human family….”

Israel must no longer be exempted from international law, from being allowed to flaunt it brazenly, from ignoring over five dozen UN Resolutions going back decades. Peace activists and refuseniks condemn the Jewish state for its actions, deplore it for committing them, and demand, call on and insist Israeli governments end them. Its lawlessness must end, and collective resistance can achieve it. It’s no longer an option. It’s an obligation to assure that everyone has equal dignity and the right to life, liberty, security and freedom under universal international law.””


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