The Food Monopoly – Haiti Starved to Death

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” –Henry Kissinger

We addressed the food crisis previously, as well as the biological and economic problems in the GMO market. Human beings are intentionally starved by giant corporations with the help of monopolistic, and wealth stealing, policies of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This is neo-feudalism. Dubbed ‘Free Trade’ in true Orwellian fashion, the new global systems of commodity price manipulation are designed to bring mankind to its knees to serve the globalist masters.

At Socialist Voice, Ian Angus details the ongoing globalist food scam in FOOD CRISIS: ‘The greatest demonstration of the historical failure of the capitalist model’:

“Rice has been grown in Haiti for centuries, and until twenty years ago Haitian farmers produced about 170,000 tonnes of rice a year, enough to cover 95% of domestic consumption…

In 1995, as a condition of providing a desperately needed loan, the International Monetary Fund required Haiti to cut its tariff on imported rice from 35% to 3%, the lowest in the Caribbean. The result was a massive influx of U.S. rice that sold for half the price of Haitian-grown rice. Thousands of rice farmers lost their lands and livelihoods, and today three-quarters of the rice eaten in Haiti comes from the U.S…

In addition, for several decades the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have refused to advance loans to poor countries unless they agree to “Structural Adjustment Programs” (SAP) that require the loan recipients to devalue their currencies, cut taxes, privatize utilities, and reduce or eliminate support programs for farmers.

All this was done with the promise that the market would produce economic growth and prosperity – instead, poverty increased and support for agriculture was eliminated.” (emphasis added)


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