“You’re Either with the Resistance — or with the Murderers”

The speakers for The Resistance, that is to say – folks who value human life, are few and far between. We have discovered one who writes with exceptional clarity at Once Upon a Time. From You’re Either with the Resistance — or with the Murderers:

“…Because Iraq had not attacked us and because Iraq was not a serious threat to the United States, our invasion and occupation constitute a war crime on a huge scale...”

“Our government now continues to conduct an illegal and immoral war every day. Each new day brings new murders committed by U.S. forces. And make no mistake: they are murders, in very large part of innocent people who never threatened us and who would not threaten us now were we not in Iraq in the first place, and in Iraq illegally and immorally. In this circumstance, there are only two alternatives: you can either support a continuing criminal war and ongoing murder, or you can oppose and work to stop them in every way possible.” (emphasis added)

Thanks to Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque for recommending the outstanding Once Upon a Time.


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