From Frida Berrigan’s inspirational address Dismantling Peace Movement Myths at

“We live in the United States of America — a deeply nostalgic and deeply ahistorical nation saddled with a case of amnesia that approaches pathology… This is a dangerous and counterproductive combination — nostalgic amnesia…”

“We have a role and a task here as peace activists and organizers. And our role is not to teach them the grammatical nuances of the language of deadly quagmire on an epic scale…”

“It takes courage, and moral and political clarity to reject the “pottery barn” maxim of foreign policy — we broke it, we bought it. No, we need to say: Iraq is not a vase or a candelabra. We need to say to Washington: you broke it. And we did not buy it.

“We cannot wait. We cannot wait for a leader. We cannot wait for “the plan.” We cannot wait for things to get worse. We cannot wait for the answers.We have the answers, and it is us.


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