The ‘Global Warming’ Myth

The theory of ‘man-made global warming’ is an elitist scam used to justify global taxation and increased global government control over nations, communities, families, and individuals. Basically the wealthy elite want your money and your freedom, and they are lying to you in order to accomplish it; nothing new right? Your first clue was that the theory is being sold by Al Gore. We addressed Global Warming previously.

From Want to know why the pendulum has swung on global warming hysteria? at The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition:

It has become commonplace knowledge, and is unchallenged, that global average temperature has not increased since 1998. This corresponds to a 9-year period during which the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, in contrast, did increase, and that by almost 5%.

As if that were not enough, a leading computer modelling team has recently published a paper in Nature which acknowledges…any human influence on global temperature is so small that it cannot be differentiated from natural cycles of climate change. The same modellers have even predicted (after the start of the event, of course) that cooling will now occur for at least the next few years.

The greenhouse hypothesis – which asserts that carbon dioxide increases of human origin will cause dangerous global warming – is clearly invalidated by these data.”


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