U.S. Sponsored Terror in Somalia

Mass murder courtesy of the American military is ongoing in several continents – Africa among them. From Chris Floyd’s Willing Executioners: America’s Bipartisan Atrocity Deepens in Somalia at Empire Burlesque:

“…American forces have bombed fleeing refugees, slaughtered innocent herdsmen and destroyed villages in attempts to assassinate a handful of individual alleged, on shaky and specious evidence, to be “part of” or “associated with” or “linked to” al Qaeda. American agents have seized refugees from the Somali war, including U.S. citizens, and had them “renditioned” to the notorious prisons of the Ethiopian dictatorship. And as we have noted here many times, the Bush Administration has sent in death squads to “kill anyone left alive” after American strikes.

There has been no objection to any of this from any major figure in American politics. Barack Obama doesn’t object to it. Hillary Clinton doesn’t object to it. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t object to it. It goes without saying that John McCain and the Republicans don’t object to these latest war crimes by their blood-drenched leader. The entire Washington power structure has lined up to support this hideous project: military aggression, murder, destruction and rampant atrocity. Somalia — already one of the world’s most fragile and ravaged nations — is being battered into utter destruction before our eyes….and in our names…”

Please do read the entire article.


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