Feds Accuse Student Of “Terror and Espionage” For Talking About Constitution

Your United States Government: rounding up pastors and charging them with “terror and espionage” for encouraging Boy Scouts to educate themselves about the Constitution and to help save our dying Republic. Your tax dollars at work.

While you were watching last night’s episode of Dancing with the fucking Stars on TiVO; your anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-liberty government was planning to round up more of your neighbors who are trying to save this country from the authoritarian nightmare that is the United States Government. This is your fascist police-state.

This is no longer a country of free speech, of free thought, or of free opinion. This is no longer a country based on freedom and liberty. It is a fascist dictatorship based on the Military Commissions Act and the Orwellian horror that is the ‘Patriot’ Act. What happens if you decide to question authority? To exercise your God given rights to liberty and free thought? You are rounded up by your police-state.

When you get over the joy of skipping commercials with that idiot-box recording device, TiVO, do yourself and your family a favor, and wake the fuck up. You are living in Germany, 1939.

From Prison Planet, Paul Joseph Watson’s Feds Accuse Student Of “Terror and Espionage” For Talking About Constitution:

A student of a large bible college in east Texas was accused by federal agents of committing an “act of terror and espionage” after he gave a talk to a group of Boy Scouts in which he encouraged them to educate themselves about the U.S. constitution…”

“Jeff said he told the boys, “It’s going to be you who is going to take this country and either make or break it – you need to get back to your constitution, you need to get to know your bill of rights and you need to stand up for them…”

“I said they’re stripping us of what we know to be America, what you need to do is re-orient yourself to the constitution because that is the very founding basis of our government and it is the supreme law of the land,” he added.

The next day Jeff was called into the main administrative office of the university where he was met by college officials and two men wearing dark suits and sunglasses who did not identify themselves…”

“After asking the men where they were from, Jeff was told he was committing “acts of terror and espionage” by talking to the Boy Scouts about the constitution and the bill of rights.”

“Jeff said that the two men told him, “If you say anything, do anything, continue to talk about these kind of things, we can have your head on a silver platter…”

Please visit Prison Planet for more frightening examples of our neo-fascist government round-up of innocent patriots who dare challenge the authoritarian regime of the United States government.


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