Obama and Israel

From Justin Raimondo’s hilarious Obama vs. The Lobby, at Antiwar.com:

“Poor Obama. No matter how much he tries to placate the Israel lobby, they just won’t take yes for an answer…”

“Yet Obama still keeps trying to appease the Lobby. He’s purged staff members who so much as looked cross-eyed at the Israelis, such as one poor adviser who meekly suggested that talking to Hamas might not be such a bad idea. He was out faster than you can say Mearsheimer and Walt …”

“Goldberg [Obama interviewer], clearly enjoying himself, digs the knife in deeper and inquires if Obama was “flummoxed” upon receiving the Ahmed Yousef seal of approval.

Obama – flummoxed? Surely he jests.

It’s time for Obama to play his trump card, and he does so by citing his support for Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon, in which factories, hospitals, and Christian churches were bombed and thousands of Lebanese civilians were killed, in retaliation for the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers and the killing of three more…”

Please do read the article in it’s entirety, Obama vs. The Lobby. Raimondo’s brilliant sarcasm and dry humor remind us of the amazing Kurt Nimmo.


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