Western Military and Media Propaganda Target Venezuela

From Stephen Lendman’s Spinning the News – The FARC-EP Files, Venezuela and Interpol at Global Research:

First the motive.

“[Venezuela’s] proved oil reserves were just raised to 130 billion barrels, but include what’s uncounted and they’re far higher. On its web site, the US Department of Energy (DOE) estimates the country’s extra-heavy oil at 1.36 trillion barrels, or 90% of the world’s total. That’s more than all “proved” world reserves combined and in addition to Venezuela’s “proved” light sweet resources of around 80 billion barrels that alone ranks it seventh in the world behind the five largest Middle East producers and Canada.”

Covert U.S. military action (in the oil rich region).

“On March 1, the Colombian military (with US Special Forces help) illegally attacked a FARC-EP rebel camp inside Ecuador. US satellite telephone tracking located the site. Washington signed off on the mission. Over 20 people were killed, including 16 or more FARC-EP members while they slept.”

Media shenanigans.

The New York Times’ Simon Romero[‘s] … May 16 article was headlined: “Files Tying Venezuela to Rebels Not Altered, Report Says.” He called Interpol’s report “a setback for Venezuela, which had claimed that the computer files….were fabrications….” It “may advance efforts under way in the Congress to add Venezuela to the United States’ list of state sponsors of terrorism….”

Well down in his report, Romero admitted that “Interpol could not vouch for the accuracy of the files” and that “a Colombian antiterrorism unit (seized them improperly and) in violation of internationally recognized rules on handling electronic evidence….” No further comment was added.

In contrast, Romero played up State Department spokesman, Sean McCormack…“”

“For the dominant US media, Chavez-bashing is full-time…”

Military muscle-flexing.

“…the Pentagon announced in April that it’s resurrecting its Fourth Fleet in Latin America and the Caribbean after a 60 year hiatus. It was created during WW II and disbanded in 1950. Reasons given were vaguely stated…”

Please do read Lendman’s entire article, Spinning the News – The FARC-EP Files, Venezuela and Interpol.

On a related note, we are encouraged by an auto-generated link to our previous Venezuela coverage – the link is at Fox News, of all places. At the bottom of their Chavez hit piece, Interpol: Chavez Supports Terrorists (discerning readers only, please), is a link to A Balanced Look at Venezuela and Hugo Chavez here at Revolutionary – and our balanced coverage has received multiple hits. Score one for internet media democracy vs. the corporate media propaganda machine!


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  1. you’ve gotta be a serious clown to believe Chavez gave farc 300 million and the proof is on a laptop of a farc commander killled in the jungle

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