Controlled by Fear

The actual risk of ‘terrorist’ violence against an ordinary American is so minuscule as to be not worth mentioning. Yet the fear-mongering of the Government and the mainstream media has convinced an entire nation that imminent threat of ‘terrorism’ should dictate all terms of foreign and domestic policy; that terrorism justifies spying on all Americans; that terrorism justifies torture, war, and genocide in the Middle East.

The effectiveness of the government’s fear-based propaganda is impressive and frightening. Realize that in our mass-media society, nearly all information is controlled by a handful of corporations which serve their bottom-lines, and are in bed with the military-industrial complex and the political and financial elite. It is thus very easy to convince entire populations of things which are not true; and with a convenient false-flag ‘terrorist’ event, convince people that imminent death is right around the corner.

Once fear is pervasive in the collective public mind, implementing an authoritarian state apparatus is a cake-walk. As evidenced by the swift passage of the Patriot Act and it’s successors, as well as the Military Commissions Act of 2006 – both give the Unites States government powers akin to a military dictatorship. In this process, men of wealth and power get more of both, while ordinary Americans lose their rights, their wealth, their privacy, and their dignity.

From Paul Joseph Watson’s Peanuts Kill More Americans Than Terrorists at

“The menace of global terrorism has been labeled the greatest threat to western civilization since communism and yet swimming pools, peanuts and lost deer kill more Americans every single year. Why are our governments facilitating the terrorist’s agenda by hyping a peril that simply doesn’t exist?..”

“As Ohio State University’s John Mueller concludes in a report entitled A False Sense Of Insecurity, “For all the attention it evokes, terrorism actually causes rather little damage and the likelihood that any individual will become a victim in most places is microscopic…””

“Only by coming to the understanding that terrorism is such a limited threat to our livelihoods and communicating that to others can we disarm the alarmist propaganda that governments utilize in order to enlist our obedience for the construction of the prison planet…”


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