Imperial War

Nearly every war in which the United States has engaged was, and is, imperial – for conquest of resources, land, and people. Political rhetoric of ‘defending freedom’ and ‘spreading democracy’ is an outright lie used to trick a gullible public into believing that a particular war is both necessary and right.

In truth the elite ruling class uses U.S. military intelligence and force to secure their economic interests around the world – oil, gas, and anything else that can be bought or sold for profit, including human beings. The U.S. government has been supporting tyrants and dictators for decades, and continues to do so based on economic cooperation. The U.S. government has overthrown dozens of popular democratically elected leaders, and continues to do so based on economic competition.

People are quite easily fooled into supporting imperial wars. The ruling class invents, creates, and exaggerates a foreign enemy and scares people into submission. Fear is the ultimate psychological weapon, and imperial rulers have been using it for centuries.

In today’s Disinformation Age all popular news outlets are controlled by a handful of elite-owned media outlets. The power to deceive on a national and international scale has never been so strong.

From Professor James Petras’ exceptional Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 at Global Research:

“Deception is facilitated by the control of mass media whose war propaganda enters every home, office and classroom with the same centrally determined message. The mass media undermine what remains of alternative information flowing from primary and secondary opinion leaders in the communities and erode personal values and ethics. While military-driven empire building has resulted in the killing of millions and the displacement of tens of millions, market-driven empire building imposes its own levy in terms of massive exploitation of labor, land and livelihoods.”

Please do read the entire article.

As for deceptions of the international public, include ‘Peak Oil’ and ‘man-made global warming’ among them.


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