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From Thomas E. Woods, Jr.’s, Ron Paul Things You Want To Know About, But Don’t (Yet) at

“A diligent Google search has failed to turn up a summer concert tour in promotion of the deep thought of Tommy Thompson or Mitt Romney, or an Internet radio station dedicated to the insight and erudition of Rudy Giuliani or Fred Thompson.

Ron Paul, as usual, is another matter. Here are some recent initiatives that in my opinion deserve to be better known:

Freedom Tour ’08. Musician Marc Scibilia is heading up this 28-city tour, which begins in just a matter of days, promoting the Ron Paul message via music and more. See the brief video here. It’s impossible to imagine this not being a great time.

Revolution By Mail. This project is designed to get Ron Paul’s #1 New York Times bestseller, The Revolution: A Manifesto, into the hands of as many Americans as possible, beginning with GOP delegates and then extending to many other sectors of society. Check it out, and here’s a YouTube.

The creator of Revolution By Mail, whom I do not know personally, intends to turn his attention in the near future to the forthcoming, to promote the formation of book clubs all over the country and the world to discuss and learn from the Manifesto, as well as (at some point) other books belonging to the same tradition of thought.

Revolution March. The rally in Washington, D.C. that Dr. Paul called for is taking place on July 12, with the man himself as the keynote speaker. The Freedom Tour concludes with a performance at this event. If you’re even slightly considering attending, go ahead and take the plunge, and bring a bunch of friends. Can you actually imagine not enjoying yourself? This is a grassroots project to promote The Revolution: A Manifesto. You’ll find lots of things here, including promotional ideas, lower-than-Amazon pricing on bulk orders, and lots of neat merchandise.

Revolution Broadcasting. In addition to its regular programming, this Ron Paul-inspired Internet broadcasting venture has provided live coverage of various Ron Paul events, and now carries the weekly National Ron Paul Conference Call.

I have a new program of my own there, as a matter of fact, which runs on Tuesdays for an hour at 2:00 pm Eastern. (Episodes will be archived here and a podcast feed will go up in the relatively near future.) My first guest will be Bill Kauffman, author of the excellent new book Ain’t My America: The Long, Noble History of Antiwar Conservatism and Middle American Anti-Imperialism. There’s no way that can be dull.

Republican Convention. In this interview with Charles Goyette, Ron Paul calls for a “grand rally” in St. Paul at the time of the Republican Convention. Rand Paul wants to see as many people get to St. Paul as possible. The campaign website will have details soon.

Operation St. Paul. The designer of the High Tide Ron Paul television commercial is proposing that the St. Paul area be blanketed with signs and ads promoting Ron Paul’s message around the time of the Republican Convention in early September. He describes the initiative and the rationale behind it here, where there’s also a ChipIn link for donations.”


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