‘Tis the Season for Treason

It’s that time of year of again! We know that elected officials in the United States don’t serve the public. Whom do they serve? Introducing, The Globalists…

The Bilderberg Group

Start with the Bilderberg group, a yearly Treason Fest at which high public and private officials discuss how to best further plans for a post-industrial neo-feudal society. The annual meetings shape policy that affects every human being on the planet, and they are conducted in near complete secrecy. The world’s entire corporate media system almost never reports on the meetings. Talented and courageous journalists like Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin get the scoop for us. This year Bilderberg meets in Chantilly, Virgina on June 5-8, please see American Free Press for breaking Bilderberg information.

UPDATE: Prison Planet is carrying up to the minute Bilderberg coverage of this years conference.

The Trilateral Commission

Then on the to Trilateral Commission which met on April 25-28 in Washington, D.C.

From American Free Press:

“The Trilateral Commission—one of the three most powerful globalist groups in the world—held closed-door meetings right here in Washington, D.C. from April 25 to 28. True to form, those members of the media who knew about the meeting—or were themselves participants in the proceedings—refused to discuss what went on inside or report on the attendees…”

Luminaries at the Trilateral Commission meeting in Washington expressed confidence that they own all three major presidential candidates, who, despite political posturing, will support sovereignty-surrendering measures such as NAFTA and the “North American Union.””


And finally the AIPAC meeting which began on June 2nd, this year being dubbed the ‘Hate Iran Conference’ by the ever vigilant and clever independent media. Considered by many the pre-eminent foreign policy lobby in the Unites States, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee does a good job of convincing psychopathic neo-cons that their genocidal schemes in the Middle East are actually a good idea; and that more genocide would be an even better idea.


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