Decoding The Bilderberg Agenda

The Bilderberg Group produced an official press release this year, the first of its kind. The language is benign, but we know their true intentions are nothing less than diabolical. It offers up a comprehensive agenda for world domination.

From the June 5th press release, Bilderberg Announces 2008 Conference:

The Conference will deal mainly with a nuclear free world, cyber terrorism, Africa, Russia, finance, protectionism, US-EU relations, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Islam and Iran.

How will Bilderberg “deal with”…

A nuclear free world?

They don’t mean nuclear weapons, rather nuclear energy. It is no surprise to see this item at the head of the list; controlling global energy supply is a very high priority for Bilderberg. By preventing nations from becoming energy independent via nuclear power generation, the Bilderberg elite maintain a stranglehold on present and future industrial societies.

The current global industrial economy runs predominately on so-called ‘fossil-fuels’, oil and gas. Much of the ‘fossil fuels’ market is tightly controlled by the international elite, with only few exceptions of resistance, Iran and Venezuela chiefly among them. Through manipulation of currency and energy costs, Bilderberg aims to de-industrialize the global economy.

Cyber terrorism?

Global ‘terrorism’ is a trumped up threat – a convenient and very effective psychological ploy for expanding government & military powers and implementing a worldwide police-state. In this regard ‘cyber terrorism’ is no different.

The global elite perceive online independent media as a serious threat to their information monopoly. For decades the controlled corporate media has dominated economic, political, and social discourse in the western world. This domination has been undermined by the tenacious and courageous Independent Media.

As a means to deal with the threat of our online democracy, Bilderberg elite will sow fear among the population that ‘cyber terrorism’ is imminently poised to annihilate their entire, uh, MySpace page. But seriously, we can expect a very strong push for tighter control and censorship of online information in the coming months and years. It must be resisted.


The fact that an entire continent is listed to be “deal[t] with” by Bilderberg is a testament to the enormous scope of their schemes. Africa has been raped and pillaged by the western elite for centuries. Conflicts are stirred up in order to destabilize African governments and demoralize the human population. Expect this trend to continue, and for any African resistance to colonial powers to be met with large guns and cluster bombs.


On the surface, Vlademir Putin’s policies appear at odds with the western elite. Having nationalized its oil and gas industries, much of the Russian economy is presently outside the orbit of the neo-liberal globalization stucture. Brzezinski doctrine advocates conflict between a powerful United States and Russia in order to weaken the proud and powerful nations, and usher in an all-powerful World Government. But with United States military and economic power declining at an alarming rate, this type of ‘solution’ seems unlikely. As well Russia has aligned itself militarily and economically with Iran, a so-called ‘rogue nation’. However it shapes up, the Bilderberg plan for Russia is certain to bring surprises and shenanigans…and a high body count.


The world’s reserve currency since World War 2, the U.S. Dollar, is being systematically destroyed. We expect Federal Reserve induced hyper-inflation to force wholesale abandonment of the Dollar by major financial institutions. This makes way for the Amero, and is a crucial step toward the treasonous North American Union.

Because 70% of the world’s economy operates on the U.S. Dollar, a global super-depression is not out of the question. We view this particular scenario as unlikely – a deep depression would result in great sympathy for the Unites States Patriot Movement, with the Second American Revolution following closely behind. A large portion of the U.S. population is awakened to the schemes of the Bilderberg, and is prepared for armed resistance to the New World Order. Globalists will hang from ropes.


The word protectionism is used by Bilderberg in the derogatory sense that any individual, family, community, or nation that resists their post-industrial, neo-feudal agenda will be, again, “deal[t] with” via subversive and violent globalist strategies. However, the history of American people’s resistance is impressive. ‘We the People’ will indeed protect our God-given rights at all costs, and WE WILL NOT FAIL.



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2 responses to “Decoding The Bilderberg Agenda

  1. Freedom, peace and justice cannot be secured with ignorance intact. How do ‘we the people’ move towards a shared understanding of ‘currency’ to pave the way for secure, sustainable, self-reliant communities locally and globally?

    Search for deep conscious capitalism.

  2. jessica rabbit

    Good Luck!

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