Obama – Different Song, Same Dance

Obama is an establishment candidate through and through, and his calls for ‘change’ ring hollow.  Obama policies will continue the tyrannical establishment order of increased government control, higher taxes, and less freedom for you and me.  His speech before the treasonous AIPAC conference was telling; the American empire will further advance in criminal fashion under his ‘leadership’, as it has for over a hundred years.

Obama does not speak to the critical issue of monetary reform.  He does not challenge the criminal Federal Reserve system, for they are bigger fish than he. He is a tool of the elite, like nearly all presidential hopefuls before him.  One need look no further than his principal adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Rockefeller pawn and thoroughbred globalist.

An Obama presidency will be more of the same, more oligarchic fascism, albeit with slightly more hopeful rhetoric.  But that’s all it is, empty rhetoric.  We are disappointed to see so many enthusiastic Americans duped by his very dangerous and anti-American campaign for president.   We hope that they soon realize that both Republicans and Democrats are controlled by the wealthy elite, and don’t give a damn about the American people or the United States.  A truly independent, grass-roots citizens campaign is needed to get this country back on track.  And it has already started.

You want real change?  Help restore this great Republic to the principles of its founders.  Get on board with the Campaign for Liberty. A Revolution is brewing, and it wants nothing to do with globalist pawn Barack Obama.


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