David McGowan and The Center for an Informed America

David Mcgowan is among the smartest and funniest researcher/writers in our intrepid Alternative Media.  His digital home base is the The Center for an Informed America.

The Laurel Canyon series is jaw-dropping for even veteran conspiracy geniuses.  Also highly recommended is the ‘Peak Oil’ research which, because of his atrocious site design, I cannot  locate at this moment.

Google ‘McGowan and Mike Ruppert’ while you heat a bag of popcorn.

UPDATE: Here is, I believe, the first comprehensive article of Dave’s re ‘Peak Oil’.  It pretty much kicks ass.

We wish David all the best, and we also hope that he overcomes his unnaturally great fondness for the word digress.  The Revolutionary staff (me) would like to see erstwhile in its rightful place as the word du jour.

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11 responses to “David McGowan and The Center for an Informed America

  1. David McGowan

    I had to laugh at your comments as I do indeed have an unnatural fondness for the word digress.

  2. Scott Fox

    Erstwhile! Erstwhile!

  3. Stacy

    I would like to know if David has ever spent some time in Mississippi? If he has…

  4. Diane Conti-Tuncay

    When will David complete the Laurel Canyon report?
    Many of my friends and I are waiting!

    • rene

      I have been wondering this as well. Anyone have any updates? Is he still alive? Not being funny – I mean it. People disappear so easily for exposing much less than he has.

      • blurio

        McGowan says his Laurel Canyon work has been picked up by a British book publisher. The story will be re-edited, expanded and completed. Sorry I can’t provide a link to verify it, since I can’t remember if I read it or heard it during an interview.

  5. Pablo

    In my opinion Dave is THE best investigative reporter on the net.
    His stuff on 9-11 was the first and the best (only recently eclipsed by “the911forum” and “the 911historyarchive”.) [Note, these are apparently the first-only investigators to break free of the false-dichotomy of either: accept (the utterly ridiculous) USGov Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) of arab-al qaida hijackers and it´s worthless Official version of the fall of the 3 (not 2) WTC Towers on 9-11(#1,#2, & #7)
    OR ACCEPT the classical-CD (controlled demolition) version by such as: ae911truth + 911blogger.
    Regardless of what initially caused the WTC Twins to begin to collapse (I favor USGov-aided initiation), once they visibly started to collapse the actual observables prove both the OCT versions and the ae911truth CD versions to be way-off wrong! The tops didn´t tilt nearly 8degrees (a key & provably false OCT-version “finding”). Virtually the entirety of the outside walls peeled off & the cores initially survived the main destruction (both of which prove it was NOT a CD all the way down.]
    His stuff on the fake “Peak-Oil” is great; oil is not a fossil fuel, it´s got an abiotic origin.
    His series on Laurel Canyon & the Birth of the Hippie Movement and on the the fake moon landings are equally startling.
    His investigation into the lies about Stalin and “Stalinism” was objective and brilliant. (see his Newsletter #38, from June 2003).
    Keep up the great work, dave

  6. Anonymous


    Who was the so-called Head Chingon who led a satanic group in LA and who was a friend of Charlie Manson? Thanks!

    Tom Reisinger

  7. Paul Brennan

    I ain’t in to this man crush thing but where the ef has David McGowan been all my life!?

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