Police State USA: Spying as Law of the Land

Larry Chin, one of our favorite writers at Global Research (despite his previous disagreements with Alternative Media Superstar, David McGowan), demolishes the myths of U.S. ‘democracy’ and the ‘War on Terror’ in Police State USA: Spying as Law of the Land:

“On July 9, 2008, the US Congress overwhelmingly passed legislation permitting government spying, including immunity to telecommunications companies involved in secret domestic surveillance programs. With the stroke of George W. Bush’s pen, the US is now a police state by definition.”

“In other words, your life and all of your communications—from your emails, your web searches, medical records, and financial information, to your reading this article and clicking this web site—has been “hoovered up” by the US government’s spying machine, to be used against you at some future time, if the powers that be so choose.

If 9/11, the Patriot Act, and the relentless destruction of law since 2000 have not already make abundantly clear, a “Homeland Security” police state within US borders, courtesy of the spy bill, is now complete. Not even the trappings of a democracy remain.

Please do read the whole thing.


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