The Rockefeller File

Here is, I believe, the entire text of the Gary Allen’s 1976 classic, The Rockefeller File.  It is an exhilarating read, and puts the lie to many of the world’s contrived conflicts: democrat/republican, capitalist/socialist, and democracy/communism, among others.

Being now over 30 years old, there are newer publications which shed more light on organizations such as the CFR and the Trilateral Commission but, to my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive study of the true machinations of the Rockefeller dynasty.

The book describes in detail the Rockefellers’ intimate association with what I call the three Grand Myths propagated by the elite:  Global Warming (the green agenda), Resource and Food Scarcity, and the War on Communism (the equivalent of today’s fraudulent ‘War on Terror’).  These three myths are the primary psychological weapons of the New World Order for gaining total control over the world’s populations.  In other words – Problem Reaction Solution.

If you fancy yourself a student of the nefarious and inhuman New World Order, The Rockefeller File is a must-read.

“Ralph Nader, the man who once told an audience that what we need is “some kind of communism” is also bankrolled by the Rockefeller network in his attempt to destroy the free enterprise system. Among the groups financing the Caped Crusader are the ubiquitous Ford Foundation and the Field Foundation, both CFR interlocked. Nader is not really fighting the Establishment. He works for it. According to a Business Week article reprinted in the Congressional Record of March 10, 1971, John D. Rockefeller IV is even an advisor to Nader.”

The Rockefeller File, Chapter 11, The Great Energy Swindle


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