Abolish the Federal Reserve!

The U.S. government is BANKRUPT. The current government deficit is over 9 trillion dollars, 60 trillion if you account for entitlements programs (social security, etc). And these are probably low figures, as we know that governments tend to underestimate the ‘bad’ numbers and overestimate the ‘good’ ones.

This deficit spending cannot continue! Why? Inflation. For every dollar the government ’spends’, it is money created OUT OF THIN AIR; which means that every dollar currently in circulation loses value – every dollar in your wallet, your bank account, your investments. They all lose value. That is why you are paying $4.00 a gallon for gas, and why your grocery bills have risen so much.

The current rise in gas prices and indeed every commodity on the market is primarily caused by Dollar Inflation because the Federal Reserve (a private banking cartel) creates billions of dollars out of thin air every day.

Please realize that when the government spends money for solutions or bailouts or ANYTHING, all of your money is being devalued!

The country cannot afford socialized health care any more than it can afford the Iraq War, or the Fannie & Freddie bailouts, or…pick your legislation, it’s all borrowed money which is charged to the American people with interest from the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Banks.

America has been swindled for decades by the Federal Reserve system, and by the Keynesian economic policies of deficit spending.

What has occurred is the transfer of astronomical amounts of wealth out of the hands of the American people and into the hands of private bankers and their political lackeys – Democrats AND Republicans alike.

Americans are saddled with an economic system that is unsustainable, and with debt and Federal Reserve Notes which are quickly on their way to toilet paper status.

We MUST repeal the criminal Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and abolish the Federal Reserve System!



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8 responses to “Abolish the Federal Reserve!

  1. BDO

    We must hire balanced budget representatives that will tackle the hard decisions of beating debt. Until that time, the politicians will continue to spend.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is just that a bank. They don’t care where you want to spend your money, but if you need more money than you make they’ll be there. We got to stop electing politicians that continually go drink at the banker’s trough.

    In the same light, consumers owe $13.8 trillion dollars. So, if the government is a reflection of us, they can not do any better, if we are in more debt than the government. How bout we start controlling our own debt and I am sure the government, being a reflection of society, will control their debt.

  2. Jon

    East to say!!! how do we do it?.I’m outraged & no one else seems to care!!!!!

  3. thedag

    Although I concur with the author’s sentiment that the Fed is causing inflation and ought to be abolished, this post is filled with factual errors concerning the financial system. The government does not create money “out of thin air” whenever it spends. The government must either raise its money from taxation or by borrowing by issuing Treasury bills, notes and bonds. Thus, it is also incorrect to state that the currency is devalued whenever the government spends money. Deficit spending involves BORROWED money, not money created out of thin air. And the money is not all borrowed from the Fed, in fact just a tiny portion is. The largest lenders to the United States are foreign countries and their central banks, not the Fed. Thus, most of the interest the government pays on the debt is not going to the Fed, it’s leaving the country.

    Only the Fed, which the author notes is NOT part of the government, can create money “out of thin air” (the currency says Federal Reserve Note on it, not U.S. Treasury note). It is credit creation by the Fed, not government deficit spending, that causes inflation and weakens the dollar. And it is government deficit spending and debt, not the Fed, that is bankrupting the country.

  4. Scott Fox

    thedag, your view is slightly more accurate than what I wrote, per conventional wisdom, but I strongly suspect that the currency and credit mechanisms are operating far out of the realm of conventional wisdom at this point.

    The fates of billions of human beings are being decided behind closed doors by despicable men. People are being lied to and stolen from. The New World Order system must be defeated. It is not a fantastical conspiracy, it is reality.

    Usury was a crime in centuries past, I suggest it be so again.

  5. Joh Mayew

    Now that there are some people who realize what is being done to us how do we resolve the problem? How do we restore the Constitution and make our government follow it?

  6. Scott Fox

    My suggestion would be a significant amount of grassroots education for citizens re: The Federal Reserve and central banking. The fundamentals are relatively simple.

    From there we make known our voting positions, and vote the right people into Congress, starting with the House of Representatives.

    i.e. – ‘I will not vote for any candidate unless they fully and unconditionally support abolishing the Federal Reserve Act and instituting a sound money monetary policy based on a currency backed by wealth’.

  7. Ron

    The Federal Reserve is Guilty of Helping Create the Global Financial Meltdown

    Many investors and concerned citizens around the world are showing their outrage at what the Federal Reserve has done to the American economy with their easy money policies which caused the credit & real estate bubble and subsequent global financial meltdown.

    Join the thousands who are signing & commenting on the Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/fed/petition.html

  8. Philipp

    Ever since Ronald Reagan through out the air traffic controllers I have known this country was heading for trouble. The trickle down theory of economics is not working. Deregulation is not working and instead of trying to bring the rest of the worlds populace up to our level it seems as though the plan is bring us down to third world level so the banking industry can take advantage of all of us.
    Free market capitalism leads to corruption.
    We have given 700 billion what are we getting back? 0
    Seize the Federal Reserve

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