How to: Oppose the Wall Street Bailout

We can not afford this or any other bailout, we already have an unsustainable multi-trillion dollar public debt! Throwing taxpayer money (read: debt) at bad businesses is folly.  More debt means more inflation.  Our currency is at great risk of failure, hyperinflation, and these bailouts take us closer to disaster.

Yes, it will be difficult during the market adjustment, because nearly the entire investment economy is a giant debt pyramid.  If we continue to prop up bad businesses, bad banks, and bad debt, the correction will be far, far worse in the long run.

We must make a stand here and now.

The Campaign for Liberty has the tools and information for you to contact your congressperson and insist that they oppose the taxpayer funded bailout of the failed Wall Street banks.  Here is the letter provided.  The Campaign for Liberty site lists all Congresspersons, and you can also use this site to find your specific Congressional District Representative.

Furthermore we must abolish our criminal, private, central bank – the Federal Reserve, and return to a sound money monetary policy with a currency backed by wealth – gold and silver.  Thousands of years of human and monetary history prove these facts beyond doubt.

Please take 5 minutes of your time and use the tools provided to make your voice heard!  Demand economic liberty!


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