Is Laissez Faire Responsible for the Financial Crisis?

If I had a lot of time and very little shame, I would re-post the entire website onto this blog.  The content is that good.

I won’t do that, however I will post a link and a paragraph from today’s Daily Article, Is Laissez Faire Responsible for the Financial Crisis?:

“The myth that laissez faire exists in the present-day United States and is responsible for our current economic crisis is promulgated by people who know practically nothing whatever of sound, rational economic theory or the actual nature of laissez-faire capitalism. They espouse it despite, or rather because of, their education at the leading colleges and universities of the country. When it comes to matters of economics, their education has steeped them entirely in the thoroughly wrong and pernicious doctrines of Marx and Keynes. In claiming to see the existence of laissez faire in the midst of such massive government interference as to constitute the very opposite of laissez faire, they are attempting to rewrite reality in order to make it conform with their Marxist preconceptions and view of the world.”

Read Mises.orgevery day!


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