Spontaneous Order and the Ron Paul Campaign

“Good order results spontaneously when things are let alone.”

-Zhuangzi (369 BC – 286 BC)

The Ron Paul campaign has advanced the ideas of individual liberty and a society free from central control and planning. In the absence of government administration, free individuals acting in self-interest will organize into spontaneous order, otherwise known as emergent behavior or natural order.

The concept of spontaneous order has a rather long history, as evidenced by the above quote from Zhuangzi dating back to ~300 BC. The idea is central to the libertarian philosophy, the classic free-market economic theories of Adam Smith, and the present-day Austrian School of economics.

For individuals who have lived an entire lifetime within a centrally organized society, the intellectual leap toward the idea can be a long one. However, and wonderfully so, a perfect example of spontaneous order has emerged alongside the Ron Paul campaign itself. To wit,

“There is something about this campaign that is drawing large spontaneous crowds of people eager to hear the message of freedom.” –Powder Blue Report

“…individuals in the campaign forge forward in the name of the message, not personal credit. Others might take something away from the example: the movement’s spontaneous leadership.” –San Angelo LIVE

“Ron Paul Supporters Spontaneous Rally in Manchester” video, –Metacafe

“Benton [Paul’s national campaign organizer] and his boss have chosen to ride along with the spontaneous wave of activity. Unlike many campaigns, which try to impose some order on their support…” –Statesman.com

This type of behavior within the grassroots Ron Paul campaign is observed with inspiring frequency.  In Meetup groups, web blogs, internet forums, and local community organizations across the country, free individuals are organizing spontaneously, acting in their own self interest, and moving toward a common goal:  FREEDOM.


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