“Global Political Awakening”

It’s the kind of writing I might to expect to read at PrisonPlanet.com, or Old Thinker News, but it was far from it.  It was at none other than Chatham House, a premier globalist think tank promoting global “security”, and insisting on confidentiality, according it’s About us page.

If you have a clue, security is a buzz word that sets off alarm bells in your head.   It is most often used by internationalist scumbags who want to dominate your life and your bank account by invoking an un-secure world via financial, climatic, and social disasters.

Your job as a carbon-dispensing useless eater is to cower in the face of scientifically created crises and false-flag terrorist attacks, then jump into the arms of Satan-worshiping globalists, and hand over your freedoms, liberties, and your hard-earned money without asking questions.

So I was perusing the Chatham House site as I periodically do, and came across a project: Rethinking the United States’ International Role, which states:

“The world’s future prosperity and security need a strong and internationally engaged America, but strong new constraints limit America’s potential to assume the kind of international role it has played for the past 60 years.”

The executive summary lists several constraints to power: an economy in the toilet, a nightmare in Iraq, and lots of Western hemisphere neighbors who haven’t appreciated being made our bitch since WW2.

But then I came to the gem:

A global political awakening, fed largely by the spread of the internet and satellite communications, is constraining the remit of national governments across the world, including their ability to follow a US lead where they might want to.”

Due to the global political awakening, governments are having a harder time handing out (“remitting”) boatloads of cash overseas and to the UN to fund the psychopathic drive toward global enslavement.  Good.

And of course they’re referring to a vigilant and tenacious independent online digital media that is covering serious issues, and informing the brainwashed masses.

To wit, the independent online media is kicking ass and naming names in the ClimateGate fraud, while the controlled corporate press virtually ignores it.  This is as Obama prepares to head off to Copenhagen and promise untold zillions of dollars for combating an invented problem: Climate Change.


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