Michele Bachmann the IRS Attorney

Bachmann's former employer doing what it does best: Shake down a hard-working American.

Tax-hating Michele Bachmann used to work for the IRS

While presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann often touts her “federal tax litigation attorney” past, the WSJ digs a bit deeper: “Ms. Bachmann spent four years with the Internal Revenue Service district counsel office in St. Paul, Minn., from 1988 to 1992, and “worked on hundreds of civil and criminal cases,” according to her congressional website. This part of her resume cuts two ways for Ms. Bachman, who ranks near the top of the GOP field in polls of New Hampshire and Iowa, where she campaigned over the weekend. She’s a favorite of the tea party, for whom the IRS personifies government overreach.

Oh, and this very relevant tidbit:

“Bachmann, who is rising in the Iowa polls, does in fact have a resume that’s absurdly thin for someone seeking the White House. Ponder its shortcomings: she has no foreign policy experience, no executive experience, has never sponsored or co-sponsored a bill that became law, has never chaired a committee or subcommittee, and cannot even claim notable success outside the public sector like Mitt Romney. Why this doesn’t bother her supporters? They’re choosing the person who’ll preside over the Armed Forces, negotiate with foreign leaders, manage the bureaucracy, shepherd legislation through Congress, execute the nation’s laws, and otherwise fulfill the many obligations of the presidency. What makes them think she’s qualified?”

This is what the mainstream Tea Party supports, an IRS attorney.  Color me amused.

How about Ron Paul, who has a thirty year track record of fighting tax increases, and championing economic liberty!



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28 responses to “Michele Bachmann the IRS Attorney

  1. So, what’s your point? Obumer didn’t have any experience as well. He’s a good bull shit’er and liar. The past two years broke everyone’s retirement account and he gave away the ship to his wall street pals. Let’s not forget GM. This so called President should be tared and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

    • Anonymous

      Because there is a difference between evil and extremely evil with psychopathic tendencies…just like Michelle Bachman.

      • DJ

        Yeah… just what we need. From one clueless Commander In Chief right to another clueless CIC.

        Here’s a novel idea… lets elect someone who isn’t an ideologue professional politician who has real world experience of working for a living doing something besides practicing law.

        We have endless “lawyer jokes” and we wonder why we hire such a******s to be president

    • Anonymous

      The point is that we shouldn’t be voting for either one of them.

    • Anonymous

      So do you approve of Bachman?

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t you just make the point yourself?
      The point is there ain’t a dimes worth of difference, ultimately.

  2. Grey

    So she had a real job, more the Obama can claim.What’s important is that she speaks for the people she represents, who by the way will without a doubt put Obama back on the streets where he belongs.

  3. hybridrogue1

    So what’s your point Fjerins? Bush didn’t have any experiece as well. He was a lame bullshiiter and liar…and so the carousel goes ’round n ’round and no one seems to grasp the the Hegelian dialectic of L/R synthetic jabberwacky is just a divide and conquer tool. No one seems to grasp that the “President of the United States of America” – the “POTUS” – the “Commander in Chief” is a fragging puppet and just makes verbal noises while those behind the scenes are the real power.

    How long are you people going to fall for this wankaroo Punch and Judy show?


  4. Bill

    The last paragraph was simply incredible! Obama has the thinnest resume of all, it is simply non – existent.

    I agree with Hybridrogue1, how long are you people going to fall for this idiocy?

  5. Wink

    From what I have read about her husband is enough for me. How do you spell thief? Ron Paul is this country’s last chance, folks.

  6. schlomo

    How dare you look at her record of being an IRS agent and living in Israel. For a woman, she looks “Presidential.” We need a woman who looks good in a business suit, has a good manicure and haircut. Same with Romney and Perry. We need men who are at least 6’1″ with square jaws and coiffed hair and bespoke suits as our “Leaders”. We need men who pander to the slobs with phony public prayers and “moments of silence” in homage to the troops who are “protecting our freedoms” (as the PATRIOT act and Homeland Security and the TSA simultaneously strip our freedoms). That’s what matters you idiot.

  7. Anyone who considers voting for this hag, please read.

  8. chippo

    Is noone left to defend the kewpie doll?

  9. I’m voting for Ron Paul. Bachmann says she will stop Iran from getting the bomb, so that means another war for Israel. Sorry, if that’s the choice I’ll stay home. Obama will most likely be re-elected.

  10. hp

    Ron Paul is the last chance.

    We’ll soon find out if Americans are the psychotic whiners most other nations believe they are.

    I’m betting on the whiners but I truly hope they make a liar out of me.

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  12. The NEOCON has all their bets cover.MB is running for VP.At least when this goyim puts on her knee pads for Israhell they may enjoy it more,Oral S that is.All Ron Paul has to do is show 2008 debates.IRS agent,spin baby spin.

  13. Vegas

    Passport i…mys up to date.

  14. Vegas

    …try that again…
    My passport is current!

  15. well barry has no real experience hes a disbarred attorney and cant even tout a decent run for senate since he ran [on a scandal ] unopposed to the seat …. i am a ron paul supporter , but would love a paul bachmann card

  16. Anonymous

    I heard her mention 3 times Sunday morning she was an IRS attorney , on fox , abc , cbs

  17. Druid

    A little background on bachmann. But first and foremost we must remember that she is a israeli zionist.

  18. aubreyfarmer

    Only prayer will save this nation. Zionists are so firmly in control that no matter who is elected they will get their way. Even if Ron Paul is elected, he will be undermined at every opportunity. What we need is a revolution. A revolution of the spirit. A revolutionary change in the way people think. Liberal policies have destroyed the moral fabric and been responsible for government programs that have undermined the family, Christianity, responsibility, self reliance, justice, the education system, the monetary system and everything else that made this country great. It is all a part of a plan to destroy the US as a sovereign nation. It is not a Democrat or Republican issue because both are controlled by foreign Zionist interests. All made possible by the Federal Reserve Act. Thomas Jefferson was concise in his early warning to the American nation, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

  19. BobbyXD9

    So perhaps the real bad news is that with all her shortcomings, she is far and away better for the job than ANY other candidate [Except of course, the great Ron Paul. -Ed.]. She is the only candidate who has better than a C grade on immigration by Numbers USA with a B+. If we don’t secure our borders, all else is moot.
    2012 Presidential Hopefuls’ Immigration Stances | NumbersUSA – For Lower Immigration Levels

  20. hereticdrummer

    That con-artist-servative, blowhard, hosebag is not going to change anything and will just accelerate the corporate, police state tyranny while going down on Bibi Netanyahoo with nothing on but six pointed star emblazoned undies.

  21. sean

    You want the former IRS Attorney to be the “Taxed Enough Already” candidate?
    You want the author of Obamacare for MA to limit the size and scope of government and its intrusion into our everyday lives?
    You want the NAFTA Super Highway proponent to “Save our Sovereignty”?
    You want the Carbon Tax-pushing Globalist to reduce our taxes and shrink government?

    Folks, the ONLY candidate that CAN and WILL beat Obama is Ron Paul. He has never flip-flopped. He has never faltered. He has ALWAYS voted in favor of the Constitution. We need to get him elected, and that means (unfortunately) registering as a Republican so we can vote in the primaries. WE have to do this, because we know that THEY (registered Republicans) will not. We can do this. Ron Paul 2012!

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