Rick Perry: Force 11-year-old Girls to Take Gardasil Vaccine

It’s really sad what passes for a conservative in the United States.  That a man purported to support personal liberty would FORCE children by EXECUTIVE ORDER to take a potentially dangerous vaccine, without their parent’s consent?  It’s sickening.  So much for personal liberty in Texas, where Rick Perry is governor:

Excerpts from RealClearPolitics,

Rick Perry’s Gardasil Problem:

In January 2007, Gardasil was put on the “recommended” immunization schedule issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control. Merck immediately mounted a massive lobbying effort of state legislatures around the country to get Gardasil added to their respective lists of state-mandated vaccines.

But in Texas, Gov. Perry chose to bypass the legislature and on Feb. 2, 2007, he issued an executive order making Texas the first state in the country requiring all sixth-grade girls to receive the three-shot vaccination series (which cost about $120 per shot). The move generated a fierce public debate. Conservatives slammed Perry for promoting what they saw as an intrusion by the state into private health decisions of parents and their children.

Many doctors, including Bill Hinchey, the president of the Texas Medical Association at the time, questioned the wisdom of rushing to mandate a drug that had been on the market for less than a year.

The controversy over Perry’s decision deepened as it came to light that his former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck and that his chief of staff’s mother-in-law, Rep. Dianne White Delisi, was the state director of an advocacy group bankrolled by Merck to push legislatures across the country to put forward bills mandating the Gardasil vaccine for preteen girls.

And, in fact, two years later the National Vaccine Information Center issued a report raising serious questions over the harmful side effects of the drug. A few months after that, an editorial on Gardasil in the Journal of the American Medical Association declared that “serious questions regarding the overall effectiveness of the vaccine” needed to be answered and that more long-term studies were called for.

Rick Perry Hurt Little Girls!:

Gov Rick Perry knowingly lied and told Texas families that he had the power to force their 11 year old girls to take a vaccine that was killing people in the test trials. Perry was Merck’s ace in the hole,now he will be their man in the White House if they have their way.

Rick Perry’s Ties With Merck Run Deep:

Perry also received $6,000 from Merck’s political action committee during his re-election campaign.

Rick Perry, just another slimy establishment RiNO.



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