Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Ron Paul, once seen as a fringe candidate and a nuisance to the establishment, is shaping the 2012 Republican primary by giving voice to the party’s libertarian wing and reflecting frustration with the United States’ international entanglements.

The Texas congressman placed second in a key early test vote Saturday in Ames, coming within 152 votes of winning the first significant balloting of the Republican nominating contest. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota won the nonbinding Iowa straw poll, but Paul’s organizational strength and a retooled focus on social issues set him up to be a serious player in the campaign.

“I believe in a very limited role for government. But the prime reason that government exists in a free society is to protect liberty, but also to protect life. And I mean all life,” he told a raucous crowd on Saturday.

AP source: : Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race



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2 responses to “Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race

  1. BobbyXD9

    Isn’t it interesting how one “news” outlet reported that Bachmann came in first and Pawlenty came in 3rd. How carefully they managed to keep from mentioning Ron Paul at all.

  2. Red Mann

    Dr. Paul:
    If you really want to win the Presidency of the US, you MUST start talking about harm done to its own people with Depleted Uranium Munitions (DU) by the US military. This harm is done with the DOD’s FULL KNOWLEDGE.
    Next time (and every time) another candidate or network “news” person insults you or talks to you like a child (i.e. “We are talking about IRAN, Ron, not Iceland”) hit them with their ignorance and total lack of concern for US Military members and their families that have been exposed to Depleted Uranium Munitions. Let the people know that the corporate “owners” of the TV networks also manufacturer DU and directly profit when it is used. Let everyone know WHY YOU ARE BEING IGNORED BY THE MAINSTREAM US MEDIA!
    Dr. Paul, please know what will result from exposure to DU.
    Very malignant fast acting cancers of all sorts will form in the individuals who have consumed and inhaled hot particles.
    Diabetes type 2 at pandemic levels.
    A tremendous rise in the infant death syndrome.
    Human genetic mutations, also, of all types.
    Genetic mutations of every living thing including bacteria and viruses.
    A tremendous drop in the “viable male sperm count” versus what is considered “fertile” or “normal levels” in the rest of the world that has not been affected by Depleted Uranium Munitions.

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