BACKLASH! Media skewered for unfair treatment of Ron Paul.

The Daily Show annihilates media coverage of candidates:


Ron Paul shines in Iowa; major media cheats him

Ron Paul essentially tied for first place in the Ames poll in a triumph of organization and loyalty from his supporters — and the shameful major media treats him as though he doesn’t exist. It is a sham, an outrage, and the latest example of a media that relishes having lunch with itself and remains far out of touch with political reality in the real America.


Ron Paul Exploding

The establishment media’s attempt to ignore Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign for president has become so blatant following his close-second finish in the Iowa straw poll, that even mainstream reporters cannot ignore the biased attempt to drown out his message. Despite their best efforts, Ron Paul continues to explode in popularity, surfacing repeatedly at the top of major polls as his message transcends the political gatekeepers.

Dr. Paul is reaching a tipping point which no one can ignore– emerging as the frontrunner in the GOP 2012 primary, despite attempts to feed the populace more empty suit, pro-war, big government candidates.


Candy Crowley Lies About Ron Paul’s Chance to Beat Obama… Ignores Own Polls


Ron Paul Deserves More Respect

Although Ron Paul placed second in the Iowa straw poll, behind Michele Bachmann by the slimmest of margins, most media commentators — both left and right — refused to anoint him as one of the “big three” candidates remaining in the Republican presidential contest. Translated, the media gatekeepers, as they did in his 2008 campaign, are telling the American people that Paul should not be regarded as a serious candidate. Apparently, only Bachmann, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry have somehow earned this exalted designation.

Ron Paul Scores Big in Iowa — but Ignored by Media

Out of 16,892 votes cast in the Iowa Straw Poll last Saturday, Texas Congressman Ron Paul came within 152 votes of upsetting Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in her own home state.

The close call was ignored by the national media. On Sunday, Bachmann, who was born in Waterloo, Iowa, appeared on five national news programs carried by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the Fox News Channel. Paul was invited on none.
The following day, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty withdrew from the race and was featured by all of the networks all day long. Once more, Ron Paul was ignored.
To give you an idea of how staggering Paul’s victory was, and why the national media risks a total disconnect with its readers and viewers in their effort to ignore it, he won twice as many votes as Tim Pawlenty and almost as many votes as Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, New Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman combined.

Why Does Mainstream Media Disrespect Ron Paul?

Watching the Sunday talk shows and looking at the reporting from this weekend’s Republican  straw poll, you would not think that Congressman Ron Paul even participated in the event.  Paul came in a very close second to Representative Michele Bachmann in a field of Presidential Candidates.  Bachmann received 4,823 votes; Paul received 4,671 votes, which represents a margin of just 152 votes.  To me, it appears to be a statistical dead heat, especially when you consider the next closest competitor, Governor Tim Pawlenty, received only 2,293 votes.  Pawlenty’s distant third place finish effectively blew him out of the race.

On “FOX News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace ignored the virtual tie in the straw poll and said, “There’s a top tier now of Bachmann and Perry and Romney, and we haven’t mentioned, and we should, Rick Santorum who really did surprisingly well for the amount of money and resources he had.”  To that I say “WHAT!?”  Santorum came in fourth with only 1,657 votes, about 1/3 of what Paul received.  Santorum came in behind a guy that dropped out because he didn’t get enough votes to be a viable Republican candidate, and Wallace mentions Santorum and not Paul who was in a virtual tie with the winner?  Chris Wallace is not an amateur; he left out Congressman Paul on purpose.  Why, I do not know, but this is too stupid to be stupid.


Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Ron Paul, once seen as a fringe candidate and a nuisance to the establishment, is shaping the 2012 Republican primary by giving voice to the party’s libertarian wing and reflecting frustration with the United States’ international entanglements.

The Texas congressman placed second in a key early test vote Saturday in Ames, coming within 152 votes of winning the first significant balloting of the Republican nominating contest. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota won the nonbinding Iowa straw poll, but Paul’s organizational strength and a retooled focus on social issues set him up to be a serious player in the campaign.

“I believe in a very limited role for government. But the prime reason that government exists in a free society is to protect liberty, but also to protect life. And I mean all life,” he told a raucous crowd on Saturday.


Ron Paul remains media poison

Paul’s name was not mentioned in this piece nor in many others. A Wall Street Journal editorial Monday magnanimously granted Paul’s showing in the straw poll a parenthetical dismissal: “(Libertarian Ron Paul, who has no chance to win the nomination, finished a close second.)”

But “close” does not fully describe Paul’s second-place finish. Paul lost to Bachmann by nine-tenths of one percentage point, or 152 votes out of 16,892 cast.


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