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“Conspiracy Theories”


Wake up, they do exist.


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The Psychological World Order

The conspiratorial worldview, as opposed to the accidental, is in the minority.  Therefore to hold such a view necessarily threatens to undermine a person’s emotional need for peer acceptance.

When a critical human need is challenged and potentially undermined by facts, cognitive dissonance takes over the emotional mind and facts become immaterial.  The person will flail about in a defensive emotional panic.   “Conspiracy theorist!”, they’ll scream – without even knowing what the words mean.

Need for the familiar comfort and reassurance of peers sends them running backward to join the herd.  The cowardly but confident mob regurgitates conditioned platitudes and happily sings its learned slogans.

Four legs good, two legs bad!“, they bleat, having been overtaken by an immediate emotional need which is so strong that they willingly embrace their own slow death.

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David McGowan and The Center for an Informed America

David Mcgowan is among the smartest and funniest researcher/writers in our intrepid Alternative Media.  His digital home base is the The Center for an Informed America.

The Laurel Canyon series is jaw-dropping for even veteran conspiracy geniuses.  Also highly recommended is the ‘Peak Oil’ research which, because of his atrocious site design, I cannot  locate at this moment.

Google ‘McGowan and Mike Ruppert’ while you heat a bag of popcorn.

UPDATE: Here is, I believe, the first comprehensive article of Dave’s re ‘Peak Oil’.  It pretty much kicks ass.

We wish David all the best, and we also hope that he overcomes his unnaturally great fondness for the word digress.  The Revolutionary staff (me) would like to see erstwhile in its rightful place as the word du jour.

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From ‘stonefruit’ in the comments at Rigorous Intuition:

“The pervasive stereotype of the conspiracy theorist is that of a paranoid, hyper-vigilant figure synthesizing an epic quantity of signs and symbols to draw up idiosyncratic arraignments of shadowy forces directing world affairs from behind the scenes. This caricature of a hard-driven eccentric loner, battling the unseen wielding only the weapon of information, has been drawn in a variety of movies, television programs, and books. Paradigmatic examples include Mel Gibson’s character in Richard Donner’s film Conspiracy Theory, the JFK assassination researcher in Richard Linklater’s groundbreaking indie classic Slacker, numerous characters in Pynchon and Delillo novels, and – of course – the Fox Mulder character on the hit series The X – Files. It was The X – Files that first brought this figure into the mainstream, by capitalizing on the broad overlap between conspiracy theory and UFOlogy. Indeed the program’s mottoes (“Trust no one” and “The truth is out there”) also exemplify the epistemological double-bind of many paranoid conspiracy theorists – or “conspiranoiacs.”

In spite of the tremendous energy exponents of the conventional wisdom put into denigrating conspiranoiac social, political, and historical analysis, such ideas resonate with a large enough portion of the general population to support a substantial cottage industry. Entrepreneurs working in this field include people such people as Art Bell, David Ickes, Alex Jones, Russ Kick, and many others, all typically very savvy in cross-promoting their work through the internet, radio, books, video, and lectures.”


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